Doctor, Doctor

ethnic female psychotherapist listening to black clients explanation
Her eyes are soft and brown
round like the thought she’s now in
searching for ways to keep us close
physically, cause recently
there’s been plenty of indication
that someone deserves consideration
as those brown eyes hit different
had me speaking of hugging you
on first sight
and I couldn’t even say that slipped
it just exited my mouth as if
that was the thing to say
and I may be ahead of myself
yet this has a feeling of forever
somewhere I could sit in and truly rest
playing it like I didn’t think to prep 
for the opportunity
usually, I’m found calculating an approach
but for this, I did no more than exist
made motions when called for
played a card since it’s my turn
chance in hand, considering holding yours
or is that
a bit more than expected
but instead of second guessing
let’s ride the wave, go with the flow
until “I don’t know” becomes “what if”
which then comes down to choice
as I’m choosing
her eyes, that are soft and brown
and there is where I can be found
between her mind and sub-conscious.
light sun cloud japan
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