Deep Energetics

The taste of strawberries and vanilla are found between her lips an abyss of freedom in which I sink into the depths meeting universal truths inside of hips creating this deep energetic, experiences beyond feelings mindgasims, in other words bliss has met nirvana and it gets packaged in the embodiment of her.

That’s It

Here, it can be seen our world shared unabridged, inside out low key action thriller with a twist of suspense surprises include the words needing to connect with you so come a bit closer in essence, we are already interlocked through fingers and auras amplified by the blood moon hold that position, click it storeContinue reading “That’s It”

While Talking to the Plants

I sit next to plants amongst those that choose to listen and I speak about her, specifically because she is beautiful in ways not limited to eyesight or appetite and despite the fact that distance is in between this gives cause to means of learning on different levels be that, late night vibes felt onContinue reading “While Talking to the Plants”

Dream Kiss

She found me sitting in the middle of every day activity spoke, began to sing then moved in closely I wasn’t expecting what came out of the blue as a crowd ensued my thoughts fluttered much like wings on a hummingbird as my life heard what it’s been waiting for I can no longer ignoreContinue reading “Dream Kiss”

In Place, In Space

Let’s move past nature laws mix physical and intangible then find us in the mix switch from dreamlike voids to lucid realities lost in bizarre only to find normalcy is our difference guiding us across twisted paths that lead to moving straight backwards ain’t that peculiar Earth timelines vortex in a place called space behindContinue reading “In Place, In Space”

Beautiful is You

I’m going to keep telling you “you’re beautiful” til it’s ingrained in your head wash your brain with phrases like damn baby, you’re beautiful and, how wonderfully beautiful it is to feel you make you confess to a higher being that this guy keeps repeating you’re beautiful so that you believe it daily, no secondlyContinue reading “Beautiful is You”

Letters to U

Let’s invent memories that I play back in my mind to nourish my soul, find another reason to create wake up in the morning to make physical manifestations from dreams we played in so lucid, I spend currency collected from energy I balanced my love account with got me into whatever you’re thinking from trustContinue reading “Letters to U”