Intimate Salute

Intimate Salute (Or in other words affectionately smooch)   This act is without reason so disconnect your logic during this kiss this moment of humans creating with lips as energy will ride high fill lows, both placed on recycle and I-like-you, enough to gaze into moments observing as words are mouthed or, rims curve outContinue reading “Intimate Salute”


We are opposite ends of 180 degree separation, attracted polarities please talk, so the energy through me is over stimulated and I physically can’t lay still in bed beyond my feels I will, this surge across the distance catch breath I exhaled and sent through bird winged air breeze, I can no longer cool theseContinue reading “‘Skia”

Can I Just Show You Love

Give me you, relentlessly I speak words just like you breathe trees effortlessly, placed between water and nature this hand in hand romance has circular flow charts I’m a part, you’re a part despite being apart we exist in the same place because I recognize your face those lips I kiss every time you drinkContinue reading “Can I Just Show You Love”