Available Poetry Books

Currently Billy Williams Jr has 8 poetry books available for purchase. All books can be purchased off of Lulu’s book site. Each book is hyperlinked to take you directly to the order page by clicking on the book cover picture or the book title directly under the picture. Billy’s poetry books can also be found on Amazon’s or Barnes and Noble’s website.

A Bit More than a Muse available now!

A Bit More than a Muse

When she’s a bit more than friend but hasn’t recognize his energy yet…or so he thought.

Available on 2/22/2023

Poetic Superhero

This poetry book was written for the many people looking for a superhero…a poetic superhero.

Available in print form or eBook.

The I prElude I

Many moons ago across light and dark, we decided to part to learn what it was to love each other unconditionally throughout time. Through various lifetimes we have found each other and will continue to do so until we ascend back to our eternal place in the cosmos. Before there can be “we” again, HE must find himself before finding SHE. I love you now, then and forever.

Available in print form or eBook.

His Emotions Released

His Emotions Released (H.E.R.) is a look inside out at the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of love in poetic form. You will find balance, you will find emotions and you will find thought provoking work that speaks if you are willing to listen. The book is broken down into 7 chapters with 7 poems each. Your perspective is everything and how you view each piece of work may change as you evolve in your way of living. Enjoy the journey.

Available in print.

School Dad

School Dad reflects my thoughts from experiencing you and your children. I use to think a dad should be particular things, but now, I’ll just be what’s needed for those that look to me to be a “dad”. I have so much respect to all the fathers that continue to be in their children’s lives. Thank you to all the parents that allowed me the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life and have welcomed me into your family.

Available in print form.

the Book of HER

The gift of this book is that my soul knows all of these poems are easily applied in reverse. Remember always, your love is the same energy you send to the person you choose to love. This book is written for the soul of HER

Available in print form.

The Poetic Verse

In this book, you will find a collection of rhyming poetry that I have written that spans from the early 2000’s up to now. I hope you can enjoy reading my work and seeing how it developed throughout the years.

Available in print form.


This poetry book is dedicated to and the memory of my uncle, Ronnie T Williams.  Since I have rarely expressed my feelings of his passing up to this day, these poems are my reactions and reflections from that energy

Available in print form.

A Bit More Than A Muse

When she’s a bit more than friend but hasn’t recognize his energy yet…or so he thought.

Available in print form.

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