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Time Cap

She called me daddyand asked for sugarI responded babythinking why am I with hera different picturepeep my perspective world keeps trying me regardless and here’s what I’m left withcheck it, it’s funny how when I spitchicks have to look at it in that mirrortiming be off universallysince she’s in her villainous eramy thoughts are nowContinue reading “Time Cap”

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Deep Energetics

The taste of strawberries and vanilla are found between her lips an abyss of freedom in which I sink into the depths meeting universal truths inside of hips creating this deep energetic, experiences beyond feelings mindgasims, in other words bliss has met nirvana and it gets packaged in the embodiment of her.

african american couple hugging and dancing in apartment near balloons

In Choosing

I’ve decided to heal parts of you which brings light to areas that need shine open up the inner gateway to make way for that piece of a little better however you want it I’m of service as upon the realization that we benefit from others experience when focusing on ifs that are made intoContinue reading “In Choosing”

crop black woman with golden stars on face


You stay at the front of my mind has been extensive meanwhile, in the back an enactment of possibilities run rampant on simulation and what I’m tasting is de-lish so pardon me, no, actually I think I’ll just plead the fifth lift this weight up off my chest then press my luck like I doContinue reading “Reached”


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Hello there, my name is Billy Williams Jr. I am a poet/author that has finally gotten around to making this poetry blog page official. I hope you can enjoy the work I post here.

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