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Baby Girl

Looking back on the first day you walked in class a reflection of frustration could be felt from your aura, wondering how at the age of seven could your life be filled with such heavy baggage might be the lack of spiritual love mentally being shoved in the face with hate and no father toContinue reading “Baby Girl”

casino luck time game


He waited on a round ball being spun in an hollow sphere in a circular motion only, it wasn’t for a sports team draft pick or heaven forbid a closed market for human trade. No, he waited on coincidence destiny and fate for his number, which while freshly assigned to him the system has alwaysContinue reading “Lottery”

one black chess piece separated from red pawn chess pieces

While You Busy Being Them

Instead of backwards manifesting I relearned so many lessons let go of all the stressing air head that’s somehow breathless went from literal to less -ing all the illusions now undressing confessing not a ritual balanced overused aggression society no longer messing no pressure to feel less then racing with other humans but not blindedContinue reading “While You Busy Being Them”

photo of person making clay pot

Throw this Poetry

When an artist finds an artist of a different nature and recognizes beautiful in more ways than one. That’s how this poem was created.

Dedicated to Lisa Asano


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Hello there, my name is Billy Williams Jr. I am a poet/author that has finally gotten around to making this poetry blog page official. I hope you can enjoy the work I post here.

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