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I know it’s been a couple seasons and it may be kinda late for these reasons but I owe you an apology for something that’s been bothering you gave me something that was intangible that I didn’t know how to handle you scribbled it between some time put your heart in between the lines IContinue reading “Reasons”

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I Like You

Let me refer back to childlike confidence and use it with romance to say I like you, see, there’s isn’t much pressure in that you could take it or leave it receive it or refuse to believe it but no matter your reason I still like you, not just with my eyes although you areContinue reading “I Like You”

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Art This

Inside the power of creation your hand is the tool of expression something beautiful like still water sunsets, she left the every day life for this art this picture she paints as graffiti over my heart lovely in the eyes of the many that appreciate even fewer realize that behind her brown eyes there’s theContinue reading “Art This”


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Hello there, my name is Billy Williams Jr. I am a poet/author that has finally gotten around to making this poetry blog page official. I hope you can enjoy the work I post here.

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