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Hoping You

Been holding on to this didn’t want to believe what my eyes were telling me looked away when I declined to be a part of your fan base my love is free and unconditional -not only- here, hold this picture listen to what it’s telling you because I can’t make it any clearer stood upContinue reading “Hoping You”

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Lip Flex

Want that need that stretch, that flex how you get my attention listen, I know that you know that and this is borderline ridiculous got me feeling feelings got me stealing a given got me ready and willing off a flex let’s, not get to the point that it’s so out of hand handles willContinue reading “Lip Flex”


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Hello there, my name is Billy Williams Jr. I am a poet/author that has finally gotten around to making this poetry blog page official. I hope you can enjoy the work I post here.

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