I know it’s been a couple seasons and it may be kinda late for these reasons but I owe you an apology for something that’s been bothering you gave me something that was intangible that I didn’t know how to handle you scribbled it between some time put your heart in between the lines IContinue reading “Reasons”

I Like You

Let me refer back to childlike confidence and use it with romance to say I like you, see, there’s isn’t much pressure in that you could take it or leave it receive it or refuse to believe it but no matter your reason I still like you, not just with my eyes although you areContinue reading “I Like You”

Watching Reflections

Let’s watch the moon rise you and I in skies we share quite a distance apart, see light colored art paint subconscious parts while continually and slowly endearing your skin pulling in your scent so I can dram about it later in places where tall grass blows, willows flow by secluded bungalows and the soundContinue reading “Watching Reflections”

Art This

Inside the power of creation your hand is the tool of expression something beautiful like still water sunsets, she left the every day life for this art this picture she paints as graffiti over my heart lovely in the eyes of the many that appreciate even fewer realize that behind her brown eyes there’s theContinue reading “Art This”

Lake Trip

I want to embellish with you inside out relish with your lips in multicolored affiliations partner with that little bit, to make a lot gel evenly, focus intensely on eyes like mine and I’m 2 halves of the same whole hold this close base these facts in scientific fixation here’s the effect of god andContinue reading “Lake Trip”

Fated Serendipity

Here’s something beautiful for I will do to you as I do to me feel my karma inhale my love remembered in pain relinquished out of shame and I hope you can cry these tears cuddle with shadows in empty beds kissing foreheads to release tears that refresh, I let this vibration this karma doContinue reading “Fated Serendipity”


Take it easy sipped slow from 2 handed mug hugs, I want to be the comfort felt from only wearing long sleeved shirts inside during winter lips mouth soft words warm smiles and pleasure I tether dreams climbing tree branches to appreciate fruit in high places then descend down symbols and Sanskrit enchanted, this magicContinue reading “B-B-B”

Chance Taken

Come kiss me with light and love I’ll take the risk soul been on fire since thoughts of creating time concepts, so meet me on the side of the galaxy by the moon like sun in that duality where it’s recognized he is inside she that’s the phrase “same difference” accept this so acceptance isContinue reading “Chance Taken”

Moon Lotus

I can feel your smile and laugh taste those lips your essence sense your glow the radiance I think I need a cycle of it sunflower, I’m noticing the attraction pull I envision this like molecules meeting soft hands reaching peace seeking in eyes fingers in curls of hair I’m taking the dare of pressingContinue reading “Moon Lotus”

Wandering Reason

Parades were made to be rained on emotions flow like water until they ascend into clouds the same you probably sat under while falling, whether that was in or into love I’m guessing that was etched into beauty only you can see meanwhile, I’m floating in skies that contain rays of shine that your lostContinue reading “Wandering Reason”