His Emotions Released (H.E.R.) Officially Released!

Today (07/07/2020) “His Emotions Released -H.E.R.- is officially released! At this time, you can only buy the book directly from the print press @luludotcom and it will eventually be available on various online platforms. Click on the the book cover, or visit my page, which will take you to my an ordering page with information on purchasing it.
Poem from His Emotions Released (H.E.R.)

Listening to You Breathe...
(Read this at a slow pace)

You sound so beautiful
listening to you breathe
knowing it is I
that puts you at ease
Miles Davis plays
and this moment of peace
feels good to experience
with you so close to me
it's early in the morning
and I'm asking God please
how'd I get so lucky
to obtain what I've achieved
and I believe I heard the answer
as you turned to now face me
sighed, a slight moan
you're comfortable
you breathe ...
and I'm pleased.

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