2 Inches Between

It felt good to feel your embrace after months of just seeing your face and I wanted to take that moment extend it so I can feel my cheek pressed to your stomach, clutch the first time like 3 seconds left on the clock feels right so I’ll take the shot not a vaccine, moreContinue reading “2 Inches Between”

Can I Just Show You Love

Give me you, relentlessly I speak words just like you breathe trees effortlessly, placed between water and nature this hand in hand romance has circular flow charts I’m a part, you’re a part despite being apart we exist in the same place because I recognize your face those lips I kiss every time you drinkContinue reading “Can I Just Show You Love”

His Emotions Released (H.E.R.) Officially Released!

Today (07/07/2020) “His Emotions Released -H.E.R.- is officially released! At this time, you can only buy the book directly from the print press @luludotcom and it will eventually be available on various online platforms. Click on the the book cover, or visit my page, which will take you to my an ordering page with informationContinue reading “His Emotions Released (H.E.R.) Officially Released!”