Let’s Stanza

analog binder blank book
She’s a State of Art
creating her own shine
as in her verse I lurk
powered by natural frequencies
moving mobile while solo
on the low tho,
I’m sending flows
mixing our elements
watering the earth that gives birth to these words
some like it spoken, but this is etched
then sketched into memory frames
that’s recalled through deep sleep
like sweet dreams on cloud nine
in sunshine that’s reverb as moonlight
and I might…I might
just have a thing for you
the things you do, the way you move
three ticks then BOOM,
her art that’s estate
a notch above top shelf
nectar from a goddess
and I thirst for it
can’t be quenched by nothing less
beholding this beauty
in trifecta measurements
instead of getting on a level
let’s raise it, together in art forms
that’s marked as priceless
with the bar pushed up
it can be said I can handle the weight
spot free, unless, of course
it’s you, in which case
I’d like to partake
in the interest of time, let’s make
like off switches and be out
with material implication
that’s math, of if you please
the art of equivalence
so now he, has her lurking
artistic contingency
reverse, no, recycle
analog binder blank book
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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