sticky note with apology
I know it’s been a couple seasons
and it may be kinda late for these reasons
but I owe you an apology
for something that’s been bothering
you gave me something that was intangible
that I didn’t know how to handle
you scribbled it between some time
put your heart in between the lines
I rewind,
as you may have thought I dissed it
cause I didn’t get back with this
response you were rightly owed
and it appeared as if my feet went cold
but what you didn’t know, that inside of me
was an energy called the nothing
a pain, the hurt, I didn’t want you to see
couldn’t mess up such a good thing
and I really didn’t want to disappoint D
my fears had consumed mostly all of the
spiritual essence that seemed to shine
when I was in and around mine
tribe of lost boys I took on to lead
from that love you then invited me
but abruptly I left you feeling lonely
my silence had to be quite deafening
with you wondering what’s happening
remembering how you was mad at me
a reason was enough despite my reasoning
escaped with gin-y, that was never on my team
bottled hope into the ocean, left her wandering
I’m sorry, pride I’m swallowing to make it clear
since these are the reasons I brought us here
I hope you feel me.
sticky note with apology
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