As She Belly Dances

woman turning around on green fields
Her hair is long and silky
and makes waves while she shakes
I want a taste
of the milk and honey her rhythm produces
golden brown, clothed in tones
reflecting Earth
yet only exposing face, arms, feet
and a mid-section I can’t get close enough to
teasing me with ancient eyes
a smile and smirk
as she licks her tongue out to the side
I realize I’m hypnotized
my heart on a drug called sensual
we’re phasing our auras
as hips sway in ways that move my balance to tilt
all without filter
I feel and believe
these movements are for we
just for me wouldn’t be enough
indenting flirtation while she encircles,
I’ve gone from bystander to prey
while sitting here
looking there, where she mouths
spells that I will soon write
making our own music
and, although my thoughts ride
on planes in 5D dreams
her scent, the ambiance of magic
that glitters from wrist movements
has me at the point of need
to coincide our space
until dancing of our bellies
creates beautiful art.
woman turning around on green fields
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