I have cosmic feelings for you all without attachments essentially pragmatic it just happens, upon stars recognized who you are and forgot about standards, rules society, one third eyeing me sideways, this might be it time to dance without music these are my confessions love pure as if adolescent immaculate in conception masterpiece while stillContinue reading “Co-Create”

That’s It

Here, it can be seen our world shared unabridged, inside out low key action thriller with a twist of suspense surprises include the words needing to connect with you so come a bit closer in essence, we are already interlocked through fingers and auras amplified by the blood moon hold that position, click it storeContinue reading “That’s It”

Just Because

Snapped out of a deep sleep a moment of recognition I need not the words to explain the meaning and I’ve been meaning to give you this, this unfiltered version of love not subjected to standards spinning on parallel times where I shorten the distance from the “longing urge” to “thoughts that merge” present choiceContinue reading “Just Because”

Dream Kiss

She found me sitting in the middle of every day activity spoke, began to sing then moved in closely I wasn’t expecting what came out of the blue as a crowd ensued my thoughts fluttered much like wings on a hummingbird as my life heard what it’s been waiting for I can no longer ignoreContinue reading “Dream Kiss”

Here, With Hugs Waiting

Here, with hugs waiting until your return from what ever, where ever to give this to give it unto you. Here, with hugs waiting with tears building in lids for a release that’s given on the very sight of you repeating the first time as if it’s been a long while cause I’m here, withContinue reading “Here, With Hugs Waiting”

One of Few

She vampires my thoughts so I rely on intuition to save me or maybe, this thinking is worth the sacrifice when looking for me at night she’ll find a lone wolf howling at reflected light alchemized moonshine that we’ll delight in taste, mix match our intensity efficiently til kundalini awakes scripted way before our timeContinue reading “One of Few”

In Place, In Space

Let’s move past nature laws mix physical and intangible then find us in the mix switch from dreamlike voids to lucid realities lost in bizarre only to find normalcy is our difference guiding us across twisted paths that lead to moving straight backwards ain’t that peculiar Earth timelines vortex in a place called space behindContinue reading “In Place, In Space”

Heavenly Abode

Cosmic cable tuned in on channel two twenty-two and you, you’re on ultraviolet spectrums for everyone to see within envisioned luminously transposed from thought to meditation integrated between stardust and love one and the same but couldn’t be more different hatch the idea that the limits of senses doesn’t stop the kiss in this sentenceContinue reading “Heavenly Abode”