Heaven on Earth

The polarity – contradiction finished at the beginning our love is both and unconfined I finally realized what we are doing broken from shackles the need to unlearn, reprogram then dance like fire in rain the world can keep fixed styles just so, freed verses explain the accepted duality I live in your dreams onContinue reading “Heaven on Earth”

As She Belly Dances

Her hair is long and silky and makes waves while she shakes I want a taste of the milk and honey her rhythm produces golden brown, clothed in tones reflecting Earth yet only exposing face, arms, feet and a mid-section I can’t get close enough to teasing me with ancient eyes a smile and smirkContinue reading “As She Belly Dances”

I Like You

Let me refer back to childlike confidence and use it with romance to say I like you, see, there’s isn’t much pressure in that you could take it or leave it receive it or refuse to believe it but no matter your reason I still like you, not just with my eyes although you areContinue reading “I Like You”

Moon Lotus

I can feel your smile and laugh taste those lips your essence sense your glow the radiance I think I need a cycle of it sunflower, I’m noticing the attraction pull I envision this like molecules meeting soft hands reaching peace seeking in eyes fingers in curls of hair I’m taking the dare of pressingContinue reading “Moon Lotus”

Wandering Reason

Parades were made to be rained on emotions flow like water until they ascend into clouds the same you probably sat under while falling, whether that was in or into love I’m guessing that was etched into beauty only you can see meanwhile, I’m floating in skies that contain rays of shine that your lostContinue reading “Wandering Reason”

Intimate Salute

Intimate Salute (Or in other words affectionately smooch)   This act is without reason so disconnect your logic during this kiss this moment of humans creating with lips as energy will ride high fill lows, both placed on recycle and I-like-you, enough to gaze into moments observing as words are mouthed or, rims curve outContinue reading “Intimate Salute”

Let’s Be Unconventional

Untraditional I feel you let go of limitations worldly type focus scaled inside portraits you gonna miss this sun shining reflection what you been missing, flower I’m open come fill up on this loving enter your inner and listen to your soul mate with my essence this is called accession, cloud nine I’m not afraidContinue reading “Let’s Be Unconventional”

Universal Love

Warm smiles from I love you whispers in my mind recognizing signs quick reminds that find my attention, taking the time to listen not in quantitative measures unless, in fact, you need that for time itself is spent appropriately when it’s with you let’s pick a few M&M’s (moments and memories) that are worth theContinue reading “Universal Love”

For Love, For Us

I can’t stop thinking about you borderline obsession no, this is what happens when stars coincide it’s me, it’s me I’ve come for you I choose to put it all on the line go all in it’s all or something like wait for another moment in life that grants the opportunity to be one stepContinue reading “For Love, For Us”