When She Moves

Make way for the culture shock this is hip hop washing up on shore moonlit, sandy type wave flows move warm between our soles unlimited, the opposite of words slated as the human experience bearing witness to a butterfly effect biorhythms fluctuating bodies remembering perfection but questioning, is this the tier past god type pastContinue reading “When She Moves”

A Form of Rhapsody

This isn’t what you think it is long legs and light skin might be in over my head but this taste like strawberries and love now I’m wanting more spice like cinnamon and naughty, I’m talking languages unspoken dabbled in, fiddled with mixed with a little of this and that please note it’s a clothContinue reading “A Form of Rhapsody”

Currant Seed (Currency)

She made way from the Philippines bouncing on the balls of her feet like waves she displayed movements so beautiful and if only for a second I laid gracefully in the cusp of imagination believing this currency was for me this, piece of peace momentarily gifted positioned in parts of my mind on repeat toContinue reading “Currant Seed (Currency)”

Matrix Ascension

She smelled of love tasted like happiness and he knew then he was consumed by this magic some sort of scientific explanation that created words that required an education on life to stand on or maybe under, cause this is the ring around the roses only these pockets are filled with objects of affection, suggestingContinue reading “Matrix Ascension”

Heal Tones/Inner Child

I speak, in dream to ease the thought of logic it’s similar to tasting green or hearing blue, a mixture of arrangements that communicates with the inner child in ignorance our innocence plays making stuff up so when it all comes down ideas get planted that one day bring forth fruit we can share comparedContinue reading “Heal Tones/Inner Child”

Ripple Effects (Like a Butterfly)

Feel affected by the breathe of the wings of a butterfly causing this ripple effect let’s, digress on this poetic mix excuse me miss, I bet it’s a difference since he left the mess you had to clean up with bless-ings, no second guess-ing it appeared to be the worst until you started heal-ing self,Continue reading “Ripple Effects (Like a Butterfly)”

Dream Girl

In the midst of this fantasy the search is on for reality eluding the illusion of random thought as I’ve bought into the hope focusing on the subject objectively, progressing in such manner I blink twice believing what I believe amidst speculation voice in my head conversing with the one in my heart -is thatContinue reading “Dream Girl”

Drive Thru/Us Two

The speaker box attempted to muffle her attempts in greeting me and a few seconds after distortion her voice carried on the breeze digitally, I felt at ease as I believed this to be the lady I heard before and what’s more I explored thoughts were I associated her with a delicate picture so betweenContinue reading “Drive Thru/Us Two”

Etheric Connections

I got in tuned to feel out the flow of our Divine energy seamlessly breezing through this current existence to see how you manifested see you in different versions that lead me to fall in love repeatedly looking inward so definitions of unconditional are recognized as part of the norm escape limits by out ofContinue reading “Etheric Connections”