Teaching During Covid-19

 Covid-19 left me wondering
 what’s worth more
 being authentically me
 living the dream to educate
 or debate sitting in place
 so I wouldn’t catch a case
 spread a deadly fate
 to those I relate to
 risk my life just for the sake of
 learning, the world is burning with
 split decisions that’s sending
 people on a race against human
 skin color does not relate
 to the hate that’s being injected with fear
 and I hear, I’m labeled essential now
 gear up against an enemy playing guerrilla warfare
 and I’m aware of what’s needed
 that a vaccine or quarantine can’t guarantee
 put simply, choice is a matter of control
 and the only thing I have that totally over is me,
 so while the rush is on for some
 to have teachers on the front-line
 I’ll remind those that the bigger picture
 is not what it’s made to seem
 guess when focus is on selfish things
 my life is deemed worth sacrificing,
Partial Cover for School Dad

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