abstract background beach color
 I wrote this at 528 Hz
 so the distance between us
 can’t stop this vibe I’m sending
 if you can hear conscious speak
 then dive below with me in your sub
 get this inner matter underway
 I play on grounds littered with beautiful
 which means trash is equal to treasure
 for whatever you pick up,
 in this time, the mode we’re in could mean
 well find each other at the medium 
 formulate a plan that ranges from
 love to lust, realizing that
 it takes equal parts to appreciate 
 what’s often searched for
 but never found
 despite being hidden in open space
 ship this from east to west coast
 on waves that link our ancestors
 to you and me
 I’m wondering, is this what’s meant
 when finding opposites attract
 like winter and summer time
 in different places on the map
 fact is, there’s no need to limit ourselves 
 to mind constructs when
 we can easily switch dimensions
 kiss each other’s cheek
 for the simple pleasures 
 and, despite the time difference
 know this lyric has been sitting on eternity
 waiting for you, to read. 
silhouettes of people standing with surfboards in ocean at sundown
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

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