Sky Lights

photography of night sky
 As I negotiate your focus
 let’s ponder on
 the sunny side of your face
 trade places with shadows that
 make us appreciate
 the art of being
 this went from “seeming” to “is:
 and that’s a bit I’d like to chew
 taste the opportunity 
 pour on some possibilities
 and meet me for dinner
 at the spot where
 we salsa to rhythms
 only our souls hear,
 and while in that mediation 
 let’s look with our eyes closed
 see the big picture
 while gazing at the Big Dipper
 little do we know
 the best could come
 and we’d find a way to make it better
 that’s what is done
 when forever is held by freedom
 and not control.   
photography of night sky
Photo by Juan on

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