Love in Secret

unrecognizable newlywed couple in forest
 I picked up on high vibes
 transcended learned routines
 and asked higher guides
 for routes, paths, direction
 on this experience
 especially since this is a bit unexpected
 sitting in dark places
 gathering pulsations formed from
 the ripple effect when we met
 let this eave of thought
 ease back unconscious programing 
 spam these verses until you realize
 I didn’t come to play
 yet at the same time
 I put poetic notes on timelines
 in hopes you’ll find
 meaning somewhere in-between
 strange dreams seem
 to make connections for a lesson
 in which, you and I put
 time in to spark a re-birth
 unlock secrets that open doors
 to impossible
 all because we trusted and believed. 
picture of couple sitting on swing
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