casino luck time game
 He waited on a round ball
 being spun in an hollow sphere
 in a circular motion
 only, it wasn’t for a sports team draft pick
 or heaven forbid
 a closed market for human trade.
 No, he waited on coincidence 
 destiny and fate
 for his number,
 which while freshly assigned to him
 the system has always socially secured him as a
 So as the balances begin to weigh out
 with choice having as much of a chance
 as justice dealt by a blind folded lady
 he waited for his number to be called
 for the possibility of an education
 at the best school
 with the best teachers
 and whatever word you desire to put behind best
 except that,
 best doesn’t describe the situation he faces
 if his number doesn’t get called…
 the lottery. 
This poem is from my new poetry book School Dad that was published today!  You can order the book by clicking on School Dad or the actual picture below.

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