Baby Girl

 Looking back on the first day
 you walked in class
 a reflection of frustration could be felt from
 your aura,
 wondering how at the age of seven
 could your life be filled with such heavy baggage 
 might be the lack of spiritual love
 mentally being shoved in the face with hate
 and no father to help erase
 or relate such pain 
 no place to rest comfortably 
 despite your surroundings being filled by a family
 would it even matter if
 I could hand you peace in pieces
 hold this ray of sunshine
 to your eyes from mine
 align our current timeline
 so we’d have this father daughter connection
 a blessing, that feels like a good dream
 but you wake up to a curse
 that has me watching you live a misconception
 of family dynamics that
 ride you home to address sorrow
 questions that end in why
 while being gifted empty promises
 left with the short end of the stick
 with the expectation of getting by
 like everyone else
 band aids don’t help to heal self
 as I’m watching peripherally
 cause when I do so directly
 you react explosively to the pain
 the shame that can be changed
 as I extend a helping hand
 in hopes you don’t turn away
 if not today, maybe tomorrow
 baby girl. 
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