In Place, In Space

lake surrounded with mountains
Let’s move past nature laws
mix physical and intangible
then find us in the mix
switch from dreamlike voids
to lucid realities
lost in bizarre
only to find normalcy is our difference
guiding us across twisted paths
that lead to moving straight backwards
ain’t that peculiar
Earth timelines vortex in a place called space
behind so we meet somewhere in the middle
fiddle with the thought of
paying off karma
then cashing in on opportunities
sift through the clutter of love
to cuddle you in the midst of chaos
you could then say I found peace
in the way that breathes
but left me breathless
if this is helplessness
then my inn-er dependence
lives outside your walls
looking at you peep through a hole
so while watching me
this tunnel vision has laser focus
and leaves me sleeping on you
or on the side
then have the nerve to stay woke
just to see how beautiful you are
in addition to your regular
however, shake my hand with the use of the other
that way we’re still holding one another
without contempt
seal our approval for love down payments
peculiar, ain’t it
in a space on this placed called
silhouette of person holding glass mason jar
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