One of Few

silhouette dog on landscape against romantic sky at sunset
She vampires my thoughts
so I rely on intuition to save me
or maybe, this thinking is worth the sacrifice 
when looking for me at night
she’ll find a lone wolf howling at reflected light
alchemized moonshine that we’ll delight
in taste, mix match our intensity
efficiently til kundalini awakes
scripted way before our time here
it appears I’m drawn to you
stenciling in a word envisioned by the mind’s eye
involve you and I speaking languages
coded in secrecy for everybody to hear
the sheer thought of love equating math
or a whole made up of half
two odd pieces intact and I’m left to ask
is this even right
it’s like, on one end
I desire a human need for communication
as I perceive you through senses
that don’t require touch
feel me up with such emotions
I’d follow you without pushing a butt-on
could we be on to somethin’
or is this just another play on words
confused with magic, defying logic
and as I await your response
I embellish in voice notes not left for me
but I make believe until the dream is true
until soft lips sing to me
from a source deep within the surface
of a flat earth,
imperfect mould that’s beautiful
that many say is taboo
I guess, I’m one of the few.
full moon over the clouds
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