Hoping You

aerial photo sunset
Been holding on to this
didn’t want to believe what
my eyes were telling me
looked away when I declined to be
a part of your fan base
my love is free and unconditional 
-not only-
here, hold this picture
listen to what it’s telling you
because I can’t make it any clearer
stood up to fear
and now I’m ready for what
I didn’t even know I was asking for
it’s 11:15 again and
I know you feel this synchronized moment
that won’t let go of me
chaos coordinated has control of the
thoughts that I’m thinking
gotta feel my way through this
the appearance of heat waves
means the sun is out
and its flower has me
on the other side of something classical
something magical
orange colors give off this fuzzy feeling
and now I’m tempted to
catch up with that position proclamation
made in suspended time facing
if you’re a pusher, I’ll take a gram of that instantly
can I, will you
later on, if you’re free
since I don’t fit, we can create gently
feelings feeling delicious
paradoxes of logic being spiritual
I want to give to you
opposite elements that hit a sweet spot
in our soul space
talk life into dead languages
Latin-a-part the chemistry
fly way before we start
here’s my heart
in 46 pieces divided by 2
this is me thinking of you
on the spectrum but 
somewhere in the middle of a green hue
and maybe you can replace
the blank space that’s resident
give it that energy it’s due
I’m hoping you think
of me too.
aerial photo sunset
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com

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