Meanwhile in My Head

neon signage
I dance with phone in hand
singing songs to a digital image
something a little lesser than perfect
with sad lullabies that
bring about tears, as it appears
this may be another heartbreak
but that’s when I take the moment
to capture your feelings
reincarnate our love from poetic works
I sketched when day dreaming
creating this effect of be
cause this evolution of affection
now it’s effective immediately
missing piece to completion pictured
useless if you’re not the one
string it along like Gs
flat but major enough to invoke
impromptus, letters involved
are I and U
creating as we go so we’ll know
this is me dancing
with phone in hand
to a depiction surrounded in fantasy
I create until you choose
to be found.
neon signage
Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on

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