Etheric Connections

silhouette photography of person under starry sky
I got in tuned
to feel out the flow of our Divine energy
seamlessly breezing through
this current existence
to see how you manifested
see you in different versions that
lead me to fall in love repeatedly
looking inward so
definitions of unconditional 
are recognized as part of the norm
escape limits by out of body experiences
to do a little more than hold your hand
this is me in you, vice versa
self-expression in reflections
imagining reality that’s actually
being awake in the dream
lean in for the close up
as the show begins you’ll find twins
causing one to see double
wax these windows til moonlight appears
hope she takes it personal
blog it in space amongst stars
make our vibe go from universal to multi-
express truth in different formats
that rid us of exclusive 
so here’s to this
human connection via soul link
a toast where we drink from the pools
that flow from one another
on our journey through this thing
called life.
milky way galaxy during nighttime
Photo by Hristo Fidanov on

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