crop black woman with golden stars on face
You stay at the front of my mind
has been extensive
meanwhile, in the back
an enactment of possibilities run rampant
on simulation and what I’m tasting is de-lish
so pardon me, no, actually
I think I’ll just plead the fifth
lift this weight up off my chest
then press my luck like I do the bench
henceforth let’s keep it positive
power boost my confidence
since I can shift my timeline
I’m telling destiny to hold this
switched flows, she knows
how this one goes
suppose I’ll blow to and fro
then again, maybe or yes no
was use to feeling so so
time to rise out the mess
and since your energy is light
you look perfect in that black dress
indeed, I’m impressed
confessions lead to the release
write lyrics so cold
yet she’s feeling the heat
speak forth what will happen
just last week we had yet to meet
in this lifetime, even though
we talk in our sleep
peep you with one eye
hand you a poem, figured it was time to greet
my lover, your soulmate
unity has now been reaced.
crop black woman with golden stars on face
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