Drive Thru/Us Two

shiny car at drive through cafe at night
The speaker box attempted
to muffle her attempts in greeting me
and a few seconds after distortion
her voice carried on the breeze
digitally, I felt at ease
as I believed this to be
the lady I heard before
and what’s more 
I explored thoughts were
I associated her with a delicate picture
so between my order and driving around this fixture
I placed brain waves on play
thinking of way
to have her respond to my stimulus
what could bring her to the cusp
of saying something to me
that could open a door
crack a window
give me that inch of opportunity
to present my shot for presentation
no longer complacent
because the brake lights of the vehicle in front dimmed
and I rimmed my way to the drive thru
to see who or if my intuition was correct
and I was blessed in the gift of her eyes
lips and nose covered in a mask
and I forgot what I was about to ask
because the task of handing her cash
was paused while I awaited the interaction,
my eyes calculating her math
back of my mind I’m thinking
she’s looking just as good as the last 
time, she hands me my drink
as I think of ways to ask for her IG identity
and while I ponder, oh I know,
let me play Lights Down Low
that’ll show and compose a vibe
damn I can’t find the song
and I’m running out of time
before she hands me this meal
and I peel off at a loss for words,
at the cost of not being able to find that track
search button, I keep hitting back
and it’s that moment I settle on
J. Bieber questioning where his lady at
what’s you E.T.A. sounds play
and I’m like, I guess this is the way
I suppose, maybe I’m doing to much
wondering if I should purpose
a questionnaire, do I take it there
I might strike out if I swing at those
and to my woe, our transaction is now complete
but as I start pulling off she goes
“I like your choice of music…”
shiny car at drive through cafe at night
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