Time Cap

She called me daddy
and asked for sugar
I responded baby
thinking why am I with her
a different picture
peep my perspective
world keeps trying me regardless
and here’s what I’m left with
check it, it’s funny how when I spit
chicks have to look at it in that mirror
timing be off universally
since she’s in her villainous era
my thoughts are now clearer
but some desires remain
split between positive and negative
so finding balance is driving me insane
as I refrain, maintain my composure
relax to frequency beats
without the use of doser
poster-ize my thoughts
since it cost to be be a boss
I’m flossing more than just my teeth
cause beneath the sheets
dirty peeps lurk and seek
wanting to bring closure
to my reign, my gains despite pain
please don’t make me over.

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