Out from Underground

Light body holding its shadow this perception is not equal to what was thought doesn’t represent total truth rooted up since directions are more so old news love is just love and not made for comparison nor to be sold for gratification as instant access leads to less appreciation why questions not made for doctrineContinue reading “Out from Underground”

Up in Loveland

She’s up in Loveland a slow jam, take my hand yo number one fan want to be your man She’s up in Loveland a slow jam, take my hand get with the program get with the program She’s up in Loveland (land, land, land, land) I got a question, a confession of sorts not oneContinue reading “Up in Loveland”

Take Notice

Listen… I’m not sure what he did what he said tears he had you shed heart pains where you bleed look, instead of pointing fingers let’s linger at the opposite of the stinger cause who you be is important to me involuntary word power that’s produced naturally actually, I’m separating in more ways than youContinue reading “Take Notice”

Time Cap

She called me daddyand asked for sugarI responded babythinking why am I with hera different picturepeep my perspective world keeps trying me regardless and here’s what I’m left withcheck it, it’s funny how when I spitchicks have to look at it in that mirrortiming be off universallysince she’s in her villainous eramy thoughts are nowContinue reading “Time Cap”

Intimate Salute

Intimate Salute (Or in other words affectionately smooch)   This act is without reason so disconnect your logic during this kiss this moment of humans creating with lips as energy will ride high fill lows, both placed on recycle and I-like-you, enough to gaze into moments observing as words are mouthed or, rims curve outContinue reading “Intimate Salute”