Take Notice

black mug with proverb from holy bible
I’m not sure what he did
what he said
tears he had you shed
heart pains where you bleed
look, instead of pointing fingers
let’s linger at the opposite of the stinger
cause who you be is important to me
involuntary word power
that’s produced naturally
actually, I’m separating
in more ways than you can imagine
nights staring at walls
and nobody calls
thoughts on speed, memory flashing
passing past times
laughing, crying at the same time
“why” I keep asking
feel me, what am I lacking
stacking emotions on top of depression
it’s not even Halloween as I’m unmasking
clapping to move energy
into the soul I’m now tapping
the places I’m about to go
can taste the star dust elapsing
grasping with no handles
but handed situations to manage
bullet holes and knife wounds
given band aids to bandage
love seems to be outlawed
yet for your heart I’m a bandit
sit down for this one love
I’d hate if you couldn’t stand it
wouldn’t make sense if
we missed on new chances
since the shot clock winding down
I’m shooting this with a lace of romance
and, what’s this (what’s this)
it smells like victory in the air
from dark nights to sunlight
now that our souls share
that’s self care

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