Out from Underground

low angle photography of lighted lamp posts
Light body holding its shadow
this perception is not equal to what was thought
doesn’t represent total truth
rooted up since directions are more so old news
love is just love
and not made for comparison
nor to be sold for gratification
as instant access leads to less appreciation
why questions not made for doctrine
infused into the masses
I read life not written in books
get called different since
my time is before acceptance
let us count sheep while sleep
pointing at those that are black
in thought while meditating
levitating in non-binary form
the jury is out despite a judge free zone
far gone yet here we are
open to interstellar limits
turning the visit to permanent
since I’m out from the protection of
the underground.
low angle photography of lighted lamp posts
Photo by Alessio Cesario on Pexels.com

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