Ripple Effects (Like a Butterfly)

green brown butterfly
Feel affected
by the breathe
of the wings of a butterfly
causing this ripple effect
let's, digress on this poetic mix
excuse me miss, I bet it's
a difference since he left
the mess you had to clean up with
bless-ings, no second guess-ing
it appeared to be the worst
until you started heal-ing
self, used pain to find lost wealth
the beauty in your tears
actually started to help
released the feelings felt
just so you know, you are not alone
a quote I picked up off your shelf
for who else but myself
and you know what else
I appreciate you butterfly
since I can't see you physically
then look into my third eye
recognizing I
feel effects
by the breathe
from ripples that now affect
love that's mixed poetically
thankful you gave me it.

@j_ma_ (Joanna)

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