Feels on Summertime

poppy flowers and mountain in summer
On the inside
looking out from these eyes
it’s the middle of winter
and I’m vibing on the summer time
miles ahead where I’m
basking in sunshine
a love that resides
across green way trees
under light blue skies
it’s my, get away
I feel today
will be the way
of easy breezy
we call it sunny
it’s kind of funny
running, when I should enjoy the walk
asking through poetic messages
when is it that we can talk
thoughts, sent through meta
to come through
round about midnight
lights reflected in eyesight
we’re left to get this right
and I might
no, it’s we right
add flavors from seasons
combined spring waters
so rain falls at night
and I’m like,
I’m standing outside
looking in at her eyes
with feels of summer
but, just not quite.
red lens sunglasses on sand near sea at sunset selective focus photography
Photo by Nitin Dhumal on Pexels.com

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