A Form of Rhapsody

light love pattern date
This isn’t what you think it is
long legs and light skin
might be in over my head
but this taste like strawberries and love
now I’m wanting more spice
like cinnamon and naughty,
I’m talking languages unspoken
dabbled in, fiddled with
mixed with a little of this and that
please note
it’s a cloth of a different color
not affiliated with regions 
but, it’s known where it comes from
a drum inside my chest
sending signals to the pine cone
in between her subconscious
I’m like this has to be it
the picture book that’s nothing like
what’s expected
accepted as is
when sitting down with inner me
this energy is passed
hand to hand
while standing knee deep in fidelity,
guess I’ll wait here
until I hear my name
summoned by way of scent
sent on winds from Pacific to Atlantic
no judgement, embracing change
lessons taught in different seasons
and despite reasoning
this is a by product of imagination
one part dust, one part poof
modern day science
wand reader collecting data
then dispersing spells
arcane, insane, membranes
changed for the better
or, maybe for whatever
whenever…we’ll see.
light love pattern date
Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

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