When She Moves

women dancing
Make way for the culture shock
this is hip hop washing up on shore
moonlit, sandy type
wave flows move warm between our soles
unlimited, the opposite of words
slated as the human experience
bearing witness to a butterfly effect
biorhythms fluctuating
bodies remembering perfection
but questioning,
is this the tier past god type
past explanation like wrinkles in time,
secrets told in plain sight
made free in creation
here’s where the music blends
where differences become similar
moving heels to toes
spin once, twice
time stops
as eyes reflect a long stare
distant while feeling close enough
somewhere deep, still
as the music slowly fades
the moment of now manifests
and in its breath
in this current ending
I’m ok that we’re left with it.
a woman dancing
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

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