She Endured Long Nights

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She endured the long nights
no telephone calls
waiting for that
quick message
be it text or via pony
just as long as she knew that
he was ok
doing well, still breathing
she damn near feein'
just to be frustrated with his bullshit
at least with this
she'd know he was there
by her side, still alive
not out on a limb
where she'd have to go get him
knowing the branch can't take the weight
or the pressure
world on her shoulders
and she still making the moves
still finding a way to smile
all the while
her life tumbling down Mount Rushmore
cause at the front door
hear come the cops a knocking
opening up to heartbreaks, headaches
and shit she didn't ask for
see, you don't know about this
about these times where she wishes
she never stepped out on "Take a Chance Lane"
about these times
she's spent supplying the dead sea with liquid
she wants to be resurrected
but check it
God don't come on crunch time
or lunch time
since the Divine’s clock set to infinite
her's locked onto eight
the Universe already sent the answer
yet she's coming up 60 minutes late
so the date is just as blind as three mice we see run
and before you know it
here comes the son
but not the man we thought it to be
it's the one leaving her lonely
saying sorry
saying nothing
cause he ain't got nothing to say
can smell the quick fifth of liquor
is about all He-nne-say
or gonna say
and I may be looking to far into it
but I too cherish the day
when she no longer has to endure
but can truly be
happy without having to be

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