Shadow Work

astronomy circle dark eclipse
astronomy circle dark eclipse
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Take good vibes only
and rid me of this nonsense
I don’t repent on what help make me
shadows found daily
by those seeking light
I am the night, the other side to your vibe
inside this luminous darkness
I find balance
not karma, my life’s work
was what its worth in ancient timelines
and present day
cast stones if you will
and ill won’t require the use of masks
vaccines or chemical complexes
perspective is as fitting as
the person reading this lyric,
rejecting souls in dualities of end time destinations
you’re walking either in heaven or hell
and if conscious enough
you sub, cons us into thinking
that participating without the heat
is logical,
where you stand can make you diabolical
love long enough and hate will make you a villain,
who’s winning if somebody must lose
despite what I choose
I sit with the dark side of the force
holding light,
cause shadows can only be made when
something or someone
shines bright.

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