beach blur clouds dawn
beach blur clouds dawn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We are opposite ends
of 180 degree separation,
attracted polarities
please talk, so the energy through me
is over stimulated
and I physically can’t lay still
in bed beyond my feels
I will, this surge
across the distance
catch breath I exhaled
and sent through bird winged air breeze,
I can no longer cool these reactions
unchained, mid summer heat
released like his emotions
making out because the passion within
rekindled, sought temples
in places where what’s up, is down
found love anticipated
found goddess waiting
making, art
feel this, magic
I know no other way then to explain
that the journey was “too great”
but I made it any way
just to give the message
directly, kinetic
formless in the shape of
a soul.

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