Fated Serendipity

Here’s something beautiful
for I will do to you
as I do to me
feel my karma
inhale my love
remembered in pain
relinquished out of shame
and I hope you can cry these tears
cuddle with shadows in empty beds kissing foreheads
to release tears that refresh,
I let this vibration
this karma
do it’s job
and this is loving you
after watching things fade away
keeping memories I still treasure,
holding it close
like a fresh love
underneath stars in aqua sprinkles
from my divine feminine
looking down at me
saluting me gently
in the breeze
feel at ease
in this expression
the experience of karma,
I hope you reflect in
when dreaming and remembering
our love.
black and white waves close up view circle
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

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