Lake Trip

alberta amazing attraction banff
I want to embellish with you
inside out
relish with your lips
in multicolored affiliations
partner with that
little bit, to make a lot
gel evenly, focus intensely
on eyes like mine
and I’m 2 halves of the same whole
hold this close
base these facts in scientific fixation
here’s the effect of god and goddess
creating love with math
chose to forget this euphoria
so we could challenge each other
to remember
some call me winter
until you find yourself encased
in poetic thermos
wine slow, grind so
we’re fused, ingrained
combinations that flow
like 1-2, 1-2
follow you to a state of being
such starch energy
if pretty is skin deep
then what’s within my grasp
is delectation, soul type
and I might have just found
my lady, in the lake.
alberta amazing attraction banff
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