I Like You

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Let me refer back
to childlike confidence
and use it with romance to say
I like you,
see, there’s isn’t much pressure in that
you could take it or leave it
receive it or refuse to believe it
but no matter your reason
I still like you,
not just with my eyes
although you are fine
mathematically defined
I’m inclined to want to feel your vibe
what’s it like inside
as I seek where it is you hide
I can count to five
gonna peek to find where you’re at
three words to say that
I like you
in fact, if you like
we can get to know each other right
might have things in common
so the differences bring light
kisses, that equal
Keeping It Simple So Each Soul feels alright
and, if you like me too
I was thinking we might
could take some time tonight
that is, if you like.
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