That Just Happened

hands in front of white and black background
What happens when
you recognize I love you,
does the time spent sitting
feeling “it” in my stomach
unable to focus on much else
make a difference,
as I to get myself together
put on this facade that you see right through
that which, no, whom this
experience I’m experimenting with
is pleasant enough
it’s my soul that wishes
the human side of me could touch
current manifestations that now exist
in front of me
merge this desire with the passion created
for the situation at hand
come interlock your fingers into mine
and inhale deep these words
that cycle through your every molecule
admitting I fill you up
move this thought of “what are we”
out the box we started in
and enjoy the rain just as much as the sunshine
as long as it’s done jointly, to the point
you stop mid sentence amongst friends
recognizing I’m inside you
and I’m inclined to, end this
with images of beautiful
no limited to words
but found sitting pretty lovely in
your eyes.
hands in front of white and black background
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