One in the Same

man in black long sleeve shirt sitting on chair
We share differences
and from that, we’re one in the same
updating my brain from souls colliding
got my heart beating to your sound
your ways feel like good times I’ve been looking for
let it be known
I’ll look forward to learning you backwards
then creating our own gifts
enjoyed in recollection,
rough around the edges that soothe
the dark in me
can feel happiness in your experiences
so if I - play this - slow jam
can we stare into each other’s eyes
that reflect blues in brown hues
that we dance to freely
call it love without color
still willing to learn
and since it’s our turn
let’s kick this ball out of the park
that’ll spark what others will want
that we had from the moment of conception
and I wouldn’t have it any other way
cheers to today
and here’s to what could be
if we, so choose. 
man in black long sleeve shirt sitting on chair
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