for H.E.R. (Poem #16)

afterglow art backlit bokeh
 Here manifesting
 this love, not the dreams of
 self served magic
 I’d rather, share this polarity
 between here and there
 with you, then to
 encounter well wished scenarios
 that are short term studied
 I got these, bottled elixirs
 titled “poems”
 filled with words like verbs
 nouns and adjectives
 compressed with brain steam
 and feelings, I’m sending
 by way of vibes your tribe made
 when tapping percussion instruments
 intrigued, I sate by the way side
 awaiting your solo
 as if the song you’ll play is just for me
 and you, maybe even the universe too
 but I’ll make do with the aforementioned
 listen, you take my breath away
 so I’m on borrowed time
 for you to blow kisses my direction
 just for use of oxygen
 the words I could say
 we’re used to write this poem
 for impressions I know you’d have
 because that’s what I manifested
 from the beginning of this lyric
 just to distract you long enough
 to kiss your spirit
 while you were looking. 
afterglow art backlit bokeh
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