for H.E.R. (Poem #12)

afterglow art backlit bokeh
 I think I can feel you in the simplest ways
 things that nobody even cares about
 except me,
 like watching you eat
 is quite a treat for me
 from plate, to fork, then mouth
 the way your lips form around it
 with chemical releases to your brain
 telling you the taste
 giving you a rush of endorphins
 as you chew,
 cheeks and jaw working
 cheeks to jaw…
 I’m enjoying this more than I should,
 not to be misunderstood
 but I could tell you
 when you’re cuddled on the couch
 wrapped in a blanket
 fiddling the sheets between your fingers,
 you act like you’re cold
 as you’re balled up eyeing the television
 asking me to come close
 for aid in warmth retention
 listen, let me mention
 I know your plot was to only get me
 to sit next to you,
 I do, think it’s true
 it feels brand new
 when you hum to songs in your head
 dancing to music unheard
 laughing when no one has told a joke
 and, it’s these little things I hold on to
 just because I like how it feels
 to embrace the simple things
 you do. 
afterglow art backlit bokeh
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