for H.E.R. (poem #19) -December Rain-

afterglow art backlit bokeh
 She sent waves of drizzle
 til noon was on after thought
 as I watched from two windows
 time eases by,
 atop my mind were thoughts that played
 nice like smooth jazz,
 hours worth that I chose to
 sit back and relax in
 the mist sometimes slipping through
 the window screen, reminding me
 the cool effects of her presence
 one I need not a jacket for
 as this, is more like 
 the nature of things
 how it should be
 at least, for me, when considering
 H.E.R., a soulful lover
 a music to my ears
 through natural sounds,
 I’m in love - on some other level
 defined by intuition
 where souls speak
 and when focused, meet
 quite non discreetly
 if it pleases
 and I’m pleased with
 this current status
 our bond of sorts through the elements
 hoping you can sense the same
 during this December rain. 
afterglow art backlit bokeh
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