Chasing Numbers

stock exchange board
 I saw her walking
 and internalized metaphysically
 if by chasing these numbers
 she could dial into me
 through symmetry and symphonies
 sending 7 digits lyrically
 repeatedly so she could mentally
 feel them through synchrony
 then place them in memories
 literally, felt spiritual attraction
 words peak loud but
 she’d rather have action
 asked when should call
 11 past but a present suggestion
 11 minutes later, unpacked her math then
 she spoke frequency as I listened
 we triangulated messages
 so the angle wouldn’t be missing
 attention, that we’ll be giving has me think of two
 lovers that love each other that I’m liking us to
 daydreaming, even believing, she is thinking this too
 what if I do, comes twice like part duex
 I know it could happen as if this was in lieu
 but who would have thought
 by a drop of a dime
 that somehow, just maybe, in a wrinkle of time
 infinitely we’d figure that 8 equals 6+9
 our minds shades of grey, it matters in patters that sign
 as we walk directly into souls that cosign. 
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