Throw this Poetry

photo of person making clay pot
 I like my brownies speckled
 lavish spectacle that utilizes retinal
 description for a word visual
 so grab your spectacles
 cause fact is, maybe she is HER
 could be my lines are blurred
 and I crossed the streams
 causing a lucid dream
 in which her hands mold me
 hold these, thoughts
 sent via telepathy
 registering, in degrees that lead
 to firing off molecules
 if it’s cool, I’d like to drink that mix
 of ethnicities and energy
 feel Common enough to “Be”
 royalty with this Hollywood poetry
 that barely anyone is noticing
 I guess part of it is for your soul only
 so let’s see what else
 these words can bake up
 Sweet Thang, no shame
 listening to Mary J sing
 while contemplating, the best way
 to slide this unorthodox sonnet
 into your pocket
 captured like heart lockets
 so check this, I’m a word specialist
 dropping vibes off into your solar plexus
 let’s just ignore that
 I skipped the line on love day
 and sent an electronic bouquet
 so I could say
 may be, when you’re not busy
 I could kick poems to ya
 while your hands shape clay. 

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