Beautiful is You

I’m going to keep telling you
“you’re beautiful”
til it’s ingrained in your head
wash your brain with phrases like
damn baby, you’re beautiful
and, how wonderfully beautiful it is to feel you
make you confess to a higher being
that this guy keeps repeating
you’re beautiful
so that you believe it
daily, no secondly
so between moments of lonely
you’ll find beautiful keeping you company
liken this to habits formed in 21 days
moon phase this phrase
you’re beautiful
until it erases negative concepts
replaces false positives of self
we’ll call this self-help
with a boost
cause you are beautiful
combined with pretty or fine is nice
but beautiful, that’s beyond the bone
into that inner you that’s actually carried by the soul
it cost you nothing, despite being sold
marketed by society that wants control
but all I know is
you’re beautiful, that’s right
you’re beautiful, that’s love
you’re beautiful and that’s enough,
for me.
The poem above is from my poetry book His Emotions Released.  Click on the link here or on the picture above if you wish to purchase.

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