The Toast

friends clinking glass of champagne while celebrating occasion
It’s been said
that we should make this love forever
however, this love we have
has transcended the stretch of the word existence 
found each other on Earth for this encore
as the allure of our magic at its core
is another tale or lore to add to our collection
the blessing of this verse is 
that at our worst, the best will have to come
some may find it authentic
but this, this is original
the only of its kind
you and I are stardust in the heavens
a breath of fresh air
we’re tears that stream from happiness
there’s no need to compare
combined at the hip, heart and lips
it’s like when the sun met the moon
and sealed it with a kiss
this light, this world of love personified
got dissected but then we realized
that at our core, the Universe resides
so no matter what goes on, on the outside
inside we’ll always have each other
that’s, one another
that’s, two lovers uncovered
ready for what it is to discover
in this lifetime of shine
now that two are now realigned 
as one heart, one soul and
one mind.
clear wine glass with yellow liquid
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