Just Because

antique box chest close up
Snapped out of a deep sleep
a moment of recognition
I need not the words to explain the meaning
and I’ve been meaning to give you this,
this unfiltered version of love
not subjected to standards
spinning on parallel times
where I shorten the distance
from the “longing urge”
to “thoughts that merge”
present choice into byproducts of unity
wasn’t sure at first what to call it
then, when
presented with the taste of pure
it was there we sat within to relish
unlocked forgotten pleasantries
a need recognized
and here, you and I can finally converse
mix in with each other so our skin blends
amend ancient karma
so the transit then transfers
from dueling to dual lovers
that lay in the comforts of
memories we create
face to face
heart to heart
soul to soul
let me say it
I love you, just because.
antique box chest close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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